Stitch N Stones
Protect Our Winters Beanie

Protect Our Winters Beanie

This beanie is a tribute to our favorite thing, snow!
It's a collaboration between Stitch N Stones and Protect Our Winters, Sweden. 100sek per beanie goes directly to Protect Our Winters Sweden.
The planet is getting warmer, the snow melts and the conditions for skiing and boarding are getting worse.
Protect Our Winters are there to tell you about the dark future of the winter and thereby mobilize more in the struggle for the climate. 
They have grown from a kernel of an idea into a worldwide network of over 130,000 supporters – a social movement on climate, designed to activate a passionate community and create the political will for meaningful action by state and federal policymakers.

Show your support by buying a POW/Stitch N Stones beanie!

- 100sek per beanie goes directly to Protect Our Winters Sweden. 
-  The beanies are from a remaining Stitch N Stones stock from 2013. We never put our products on sale because that would be to lower the value of the product and the people behind the products. Made in China, 100% acrylic
- Street beanie, a shorter model, size 54cm-58cm,  17cm from bottom to top, folded. 
- Mustard yellow
- Patch made in south of Sweden, size 60mm X 35mm
- Patch sewn on at Studion, Åre
449 SEK